Pour Over Method

This method uses an AeroPress and S Filter to make two cups of pour over style drip coffee in about 3 minutes.

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Getting Started

Gear you will need:  AeroPress, S Filter, scale, timer, kettle, carafe, and 2 cups  


Heat water to 201˚F / 94˚C.  You will use about 400g of water, or about 28 oz.


2. Grinds.jpg

You will use 24g of coffee with a medium grind.  


Step 1:  Set up

Put the S Filter into the black end cap, and lock it into the AeroPress.  

You know it's locked if you have to twist the end cap to remove it from the rest of  AeroPress.

Set it on the scale.

Reset the scale to zero.

1. Bar Setup.jpg

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Step 2:  Add Coffee

You'll add about twice as much coffee as you would for the inverted method.

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Step 3:  Reset the scale to zero

That way you can accurately measure your water in the next step.

5. Reset your scale.jpg

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Step 4:  Add Water

Slowly add 400g of hot water. This will eventually fill the AeroPress.


Pour just a little water at first to let the coffee "bloom" for about 20 - 30 seconds before adding the rest of the water.

6. Fill to number 1.jpg

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Step 5:  Stir

Just a couple times will do it.

TIP:  Fill the AeroPress up halfway and stir before adding all of the water.

7. Stir.jpg

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Step 6:  Add the plunger

Once you have added all your water, and it has receded below the top of the AeroPress, you can add the plunger.  

TIP:  If the coffee is draining too quickly, you can slow it down by adding the plunger (but not pressing it down).  This reduces the airflow in the AeroPress. 


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Step 7:  Press out the coffee

After about 3 minutes, press gently but forcefully.  This may require some pressure, but don't press too hard, or 1) your plunger could slip and 2) water could squirt out the sides.  It should take you about 30 seconds to press an AeroPress.

NOTE:  Don't forget to take your carafe off the scale before pressing!

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Step 8:  Serve and enjoy

You have just turned your AeroPress into a pour over device!  

TIP:  Let your AeroPress cool down before cleaning it.

Got questions?  Send us an email.


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