Questions about fitting your S Filter? This guide will get you back to brewing great coffee ASAP! 

If your S Filter doesn't fit right out of the box, this step by step fitting guide will show you how to fit the S Filter in your AeroPress safely and gently so you can get back to brewing great coffee! 

  1. Insert the end cap, and note how far it turns.*
  2. Insert a paper filter and turn the end cap to the same place.
  3. Remove paper filter and check to see if the S Filter fits.  
  4. If the S Filter doesn't fit, remove it and insert two paper filters and then turn the end cap to the same place.
  5. Remove paper filters and check again to see if the S Filter fits. 
  6. Repeat this process of adding paper filters until the S Filter fits (remember to remove the S Filter each time before you add those paper filters).  In the video, the S Filter fits after four paper filters, but you might use up to six.

By the way, don't worry about stretching out your AeroPress when you fit the S Filter like this. The fitting process we describe above just imitates the natural "breaking in" that your AeroPress would experience over your first month or two of brewing with paper. Your paper filters will continue to fit just fine after you fit the S Filter -- not that you'd want to go back! ;)

*Your end cap might not turn as far with the S Filter, but as long as it locks into place (i.e., you need to unscrew it to remove it) you can start brewing with confidence. 

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.