Inverted Method

This method uses an AeroPress and S Filter to make one cup of French press style coffee by immersing the beans in water before flipping the AeroPress over and filtering.

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Getting Started

Gear you will need:  AeroPress, S Filter, Scale, Timer, Kettle


Heat water to 201˚F / 94˚C.  You will use about 200g of water.


2. Grinds.jpg

You will use 12g of coffee with a medium grind.  



3. Timer.jpg

Set the timer to 3:30.

Step 1:  Set up

Stand the AeroPress on its plunger.  The rubber end plunger should be at about the #4 circle mark.  

Set it on the scale.

Reset the scale to zero.

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Step 2:  Add Coffee

Stand the AeroPress on its plunger, and set it on the scale.  (The plunger should be at about the #4 mark on the AeroPress.)

Add the coffee through the end where the end cap and S Filter go.

NOTE:  Pour carefully.  You need to make sure that none of the coffee ends up around the rim, or the AeroPress will not seal properly. 

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Step 3:  Reset the scale to zero

That way you can accurately measure your water in the next step.

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Step 4:  Add Water

Add 200g of hot water.  This will fill the AeroPress.

TIP:  Pour just a little water at first to let the coffee "bloom" for about 20 - 30 seconds before adding the rest of the water.

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Step 5:  Stir

Just a couple stirs will do it.

7. Stir.jpg

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Step 6:  Seal the AeroPress

Set the S Filter on the end of the AeroPress, and then screw in the black end cap over top of it.  

TIP:  Wet the black end cap to set the S Filter and black end cap on the AeroPress at the same time.


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Step 7:  Flip the AeroPress onto the cup

Be careful with this one.  Coffee is hot!

TIP:  Practice this step without coffee first.

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Step 8:  Press out the coffee

Press gently but forcefully.  This may require some pressure, but don't press too hard, or 1) your plunger could slip and 2) water could squirt out the sides.  It should take you about 30 seconds to press an AeroPress.


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Step 9:  Enjoy!

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