Brewed to perfection — every time.

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The S Filter brews a coffee that's richer and smoother than paper-filtered coffees.

With openings just 41 microns wide, the S Filter is crafted with an open steel weave that traps virtually all coffee grounds while allowing through flavorful coffee oils that add dimension and deliciousness to your morning routine.


It fits the AeroPress precisely.

The S Filter is designed to fit every AeroPress precisely. It's less than 2 hundredths of an inch thick (close to the thickness of 3 paper filters). It's hand-crafted and hand-inspected here in the USA in order to ensure that each S Filter is up to the job of brewing coffee just the way it's supposed to be, every single time.

It completely replaces paper filters — forever.

We know that you're investing in an S Filter and you expect it to last. We do too — in fact we're so obsessive about quality that we guarantee our S Filters to last forever. That's right, FOREVER. If you're ever dissatisfied with your S Filter simply drop us a line (even years from now) and we'll replace it or refund you with no questions asked.

So that's the S Filter...ready to take your brewing to the next level? Shop for an S Filter today.