Stick the S Filter in the AeroPress

It's easy. Just drop the S Filter into the little black cup instead of a paper filter. You can screw the AeroPress together before you brew or use the black cap like a lid and brew inverted (the S Filter works both ways).

S Filter in Holder 2 - square cut.jpg

Brew some tasty coffee.

Brewing with the S Filter is a little different than paper. Water flows through the mesh faster than it flows through paper, so we recommend soaking the grounds with water first (blooming) and then adding the rest of the water slowly and gently (pro tip: pour over the back of a spoon). 

These video guides show you our favorite ways of brewing, but feel free to use your own recipe as well. Some of our Amazon customers have left reviews with recipes, including a recipe for espresso and one for iced coffee.

Clean up quick

Once the AeroPress cools down, open it up and peel off the S Filter before dumping your coffee grounds. The AeroPress is made of stainless steel, so it's pretty hard to hurt. You can wash it under the fauce, you can wash it in your dishwasher. If you're on the road you can just rinse out the S Filter and put it back in the AeroPress to go.