Inverted versus Pour Over: To flip or not to flip?

When it comes to the AeroPress there are ample recipes from which to choose.  But when it comes to the AeroPress' position you have only two choices: inverted or pour over.  (If someone comes up with an AeroPress-on-it-side brewing method, we will be all over that.)

So what's the difference beyond the obvious upside down-ness of the inverted method?

It's a brew off! (Hint: the inverted is the upside down one.)

The key difference is how these brewing methods release the coffee's flavor profile.  Flavor is released during brewing as the water hits the coffee grounds.  The time the grounds spend exposed to the water can make a big difference. (So can the water temperature, but that's another blog post.)

With the inverted method, the grinds are entirely saturated with water all at the same time.  An inverted brew should result in a full-bodied drink with a consistent flavor throughout.  In fact, this immersion method produces a brew most similar to a French Press.

With the pour over method, the grounds are exposed to the water at different times, leading to a brew with a more layered taste effect.  Like a parfait.

Both methods will produce a rich, clean cup of coffee (when brewed with your S Filter, of course!).  Try them both and let us know what you think!