Voilà: the 1 minute AeroPress Fauxmericano

Coffee is nature's way of apologizing for mornings, especially to those of us not wired to appreciate life at 6:00 am (or 7 or 8...well, you get the idea).  You may be rushing to catch a commuter train or a school bus or gearing up for a first thing conference call or the end of that Doc McStuffins DVD.  Regardless: morning is here, your brain isn't and therefore coffee must make up the difference.

Enter the 1 minute americano-fauxmericano, as brewed in the AeroPress (yes, I know sticklers will say a proper americano needs to be brewed in an espresso machine but who cares — this recipe is tasty and you can call it a fauxmericano if you want). BTW, this is the same recipe we included on our brand new S Filter (the one with the super fine mesh).

Voilà: S Filter + handy Americano recipe. Mornings can just stick it.

I know I know, the temptation to rip open the packaging and pitch it is universal. But don't overlook this handy little recipe: your mornings will thank you.

You'll need:

1 AeroPress scoop of finely ground coffee (approximately 20 g)

5.5 oz (160 mL) of water (roughly 202 F or 94 C)

An inverted AeroPress (upside down on the counter like this)

Stick the coffee in your inverted AeroPress and set your timer for 1 minute.  Add the water, let it "bloom" for a quick moment and then stir as you add the rest of the water (blooming is when the coffee sits and absorbs a little water first before it really starts brewing).

Blooming time: are you getting excited yet?

Ok, all ready to filter: place your nifty new S Filter on top of the AeroPress and close with the black end cap.  When the timer finishes, flip your AeroPress over a cup and press.

Amateur tip: place your mug over top of the AeroPress before flipping and flip them in tandem.

There you have it! Delicious, hot, caffeinated goodness in about a minute. Your morning just got better.

Mornings...much, much better!

If you have an extra 30 seconds, try adding a shot of warm, frothed milk for a skinny fauxpuccino (not to be confused with Al Pacino).

Fauxpuccino, complete with foam (or fauxm)