Our 3 favorite things about the Tested AeroPress video

I love this video AeroPress recipe from Tested .... and they made it in 2010 so I can't blame them for not using an S Filter! :)

Will's recipe is basically a variant of the popular AeroPress espresso / americano recipe we posted about a month or two ago. Without further ado, here are my three favorite things from the video:

1. Will suggests pouring boiling water into the top of the plunger to bring the water down to brewing temp before pouring it over the grounds. Brilliant idea!

2. Scooping grounds, not beans. If you don't use a scale, measuring your scoops in grounds not beans is a great way to go to get a more consistent cup. Look for a future blog post on this...

3. Will compares and contrasts his recipe with the official AeroPress recipe and explains the difference between a professional espresso machine and the AeroPress. Very helpful!