Kickstarter update #7 - macro S Filter shots


[reposted from Kickstarter]

Hi Backers,

First up, S Filter demo reminder for Portland and LA!

Thursday: try S Filter brews in Portland starting at 3:30 PM at Nossa Familia Coffee in the Pearl (1319 NW Johnson St). 

Friday: check out the S Filter in LA from 3-5:00 PM at Cafe Demitasse in Little Tokyo (135 S San Pedro St).

Next, a quick production update: we've ordered the materials for your S Filters!We're also putting the final details of our tooling in place for the workshop. We can't wait to be up and humming!

Last but not least, we have some new macro-scale photos of the S Filter! We experimented with shooting through a printer's hand lens, and these photos are our favorites. The top-lit shot shows the debossed line of the Kaffeologie droplet, and the bottom-lit photo shows the area right at the bottom of the droplet in the middle of the mesh. Enjoy!

Thanks again for backing -- just 6 days to go now!

Nate & John