Kickstarter update #4 - prototyping the S Filter

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Hi Backers,

New York City was a blast, and we owe many thanks to Gregory's Coffee for hosting us. If you can't make it to one of these sneak peek events and are feeling a bit jealous, check out a thorough product review from Marco Arment.

On the production front, both Nate and John are now in Seattle working furiously to set up production for all those filters! We've got a cool space, and we're wiring together some cool equipment, and we've got a cool pic for you (at the end). More photos coming next week!

On the event front, mark your calendars because here's where you can find the S Filter for the next few weeks:

Aug 10-13 - Vancouver, BC. No events formally scheduled, but we'll be stopping by quite a number of cafes, including Kafka's tomorrow and of course a collaborative coffee tour with Mark Prince on Sunday. We're bringing a few S Filters with us, sotweet us up if you'd like to see us!

Aug 18, 3:00 PM at Visions Espresso in Seattle. We'll step out of the production space just long enough to hang out with some S Filters, some of you, Cole McBrideand some amazing las Brumas from Kuma Coffee. Yes, that las Brumas, the one that we'll be sending some of YOU as a reward. We got to brew it this week, and we're very pleased with Mark's recommendation on that! :)

Aug 23, 3:30 PM at Nossa Familia Coffee in PortlandAugusto Carneiro hails from a Cup of Excellence winning farm in Brazil and has set up shop in Portland. Augusto loves to host events, and he was happy to welcome us (and you!) to the bar for a little S Filter tasting and testing. We'll have a few S Filters and someone at the bar who has brewed with them a bit. The rest is up to you! :)

Aug 24, 3-5:00 PM at Demitasse in LAOwner Bobak Roshan runs a multi-roaster shop, so based on their current offerings you folks can look forward to sampling S Filter brews from HandsomeHandlebar and Augie's. We'll have a barista on bar who's had a chance to play with the S Filter, but this will be try-your-own sort of event (if you feel up for that). Come thirsty!

And last but not least, below is your eye candy for the week. Charity Jones (also our t-shirt designer!) is showing us how it's done as she welds prototypes for our Vancouver trip.

Thanks a TON for backing! 

Nate & John