Brewing iced coffee with the S Filter

photo via @coffeegeek

photo via @coffeegeek

The thermometer in Williamsburg (where John lives) says it's already 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It's time to break out the iced coffee. We make a Japanese style iced coffee, which is a fancy way of saying we brew it hot directly over the ice.

In order to keep the coffee nice and strong even when the ice melts we factor our brewing ratio so 2/3 of the water is hot and 1/3 is ice.

Here's how we like to brew it:

  1. Fill a big mug or small pitcher with 9 or 10 regular ice cubes (135 grams of ice if you're obsessive like Nate).
  2. Screw the S Filter into the AeroPress and place it on top of said pitcher / mug.
  3. Add two level scoops of ground coffee (fine drip grind). That's about 24 grams.
  4. Add water slowly: pour over the back of a spoon and fill up to a little above the #3 mark. A few drips of coffee should fall on the ice, but not too many.
  5. Stir the coffee thoroughly once and place the plunger on carefully.
  6. After about 3 minutes press gently and slowly over the ice.
  7. Stir the iced coffee well before serving.
  8. Enjoy! Add an ice cube or three if it's too strong (or not cold enough).