Brewing an AeroPress espresso with the S Filter

Many of our customers have asked if the S Filter can be used to brew an espresso with the AeroPress. Yes, it can! :)

Here's how to brew it:

  • Set up the AeroPress in the inverted position with the lid off and the plunger at the #4 mark. 
  • Add one heaping scoop of finely ground coffee (espresso grind), or about 15 - 17 grams. 
  • Add water: fill to the #1 for a concentrated espresso-style drink or fill to the #4 to make a more diluted americano-style coffee.
  • Steep for about 1 minute, stirring frequently. 
  • Attach the lid, flip the AeroPress over your cup (carefully!) and press out gently. If the coffee tastes too concentrated, dilute it to taste with a little water or add some milk for a homemade latte.

You can brew alongside us using Kaffeologie coffee for free with a sample sent to your home today: