Use Coffee to Chase Away Winter Skin

This.  This makes my skin hurt.  And it's supposed to get colder.

So after giving us a little psych-out, winter has come back with a vengeance.  While not everyone is experiencing the same level of weather, I happen to live in a part of the country that's ridiculously cold right now.  Like, face-hurting ridiculously cold.  And as anyone who lives where it gets face-hurting ridiculously cold knows, that type of weather can be murder on your skin.  That's where coffee (and its caffeine content) and couple delicious friends (brown sugar and coconut oil) come to the rescue in a fantastic smelling scrub.  

Cruise Pinterest for a little bit and you'll find tons of posts extolling the virtues of caffeine for your skin.  (Reduces puffiness, antioxidants, smells good, etc.)  While these DIY versions probably won't give you the same results as their lab-created counterparts, they still smell great and were made with love (or at least some affection) so top that science!

As you can surmise from the Pinterest reference above, there are many, many ways to make a body scrub, coffee flavored or not.  We chose to keep it simple, because, well we just did.  It's cold.  We have other things to think about, like is coming out from underneath this blanket to eat really worth it.  

For our scrub, we mixed 2 parts coconut oil (organic - woo!) with 1 part espresso -style coffee grinds (aka very fine) and 1 part brown sugar.  You can use whatever size grinds you have available, but we wouldn't recommend using it on your face with anything but a fine grind.  Likewise, make sure you are using brown sugar if you plan on using it on your face because it is softer than both granulated white sugar and salt.  The coconut oil will moisturize and the brown sugar will exfoliate while the coffee grounds brighten you skin with the power of caffeine (and other good stuff!).  You may feel like adding some honey because it has awesome skin benefits too.

For best results, try this before you go to bed since your skin renews faster while you sleep among other things.  Follow up your scrub session with your favorite moisturizer, say good-night to dry, dull, and/or cracked skin and good morning to bright, moisturized, healthy skin!  

Just don't think it's brownie batter and take a bite.'s not just for drinking!

One more thing: if you really want to up the caffeine content for your scrub, use Robusta beans - they have at least twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans.  Also, mark this moment down because we typically never recommend Robusta over Arabica.