DYI Gifts of Coffee: Chocolate Covered Spoons

Feliz Navidad amigos!  Kaffeologie is into the spirit of giving, and we want to send out some ideas for those of you who are stumped with what to give that coffee (or any hot beverage) lover in your life.  We'll be featuring a variety of gift ideas and prices to accommodate every recipient and their giver's budget.   (Have a suggestion?  We'd love to hear about it in the comments.)  And as always, one of the best gifts you can give your favorite coffee-lover is an upgrade to the coffee routine with the AeroPress and S Filter.  

The Gift:

Chocolate Covered Spoons

Perfect for:

Favors for a Brunch or Bridal/Baby Shower.  Put them on the coffee/hot bev bar at your next party.  They'll be the talk of your neighborhood cookie exchange.

The Details:

As a kid, I would see the gourmet chocolate covered spoons in coffee shops and (figuratively) positively drool over them.   The idea of stirring them into my hot chocolate seemed so decadent.  And I'll be honest: I just wanted to eat them straight up - forget the stirring part.  

As a grown-up, I'm more thrilled with how they doll up my coffee bar at the Christmas brunch than the idea of eating them all.  (Although it's still a little tempting.)  And they were really easy to make.  I picked up a small package of Christmas-colored cocktail spoons at the local big box store. I then raided my freezer for the various types of baking chips I had hoarded away, which included dark chocolate, white chocolate, and peanut butter.  

Pictured: the gold, frankincense, and myrrh of holiday baking 

I had 24 little cocktail spoons, so I used about 1/4 cup of each chip to dip eight spoons.  (Note that the above picture is way more than 1/4 cup.)  Putting the chips in a microwave-safe bowl, I microwaved them for ~30 seconds, stopping and stirring as felt necessary.  You can heat chocolate the old fashioned (and correct) way of using a double boiler on a stove top, but that seemed like overkill for such a tiny project.  

After dipping the spoons, I placed them on tray covered in wax paper and sprinkled them with the random gourmet sprinkles I had.  Once all were dipped and sprinkled, the tray went into the fridge overnight.  Total prep time: <15 minutes.  

Your Special Day indeed!  Green = dark chocolate with peppermint sprinkles, red = white chocolate with caramel sprinkles, and clear = peanut butter with mocha cookie sprinkles.

Class up your holiday party's coffee bar or dessert table or switch things up in your next cookie exchange.  Because coffee deserves delicious friends. 

Coffee deserves a lot of deliciousness.