It's cold...Let's go somewhere warm and drink coffee

My front door is literally frozen shut. There are not enough sad emojis in the world right now. 

My front door is literally frozen shut. There are not enough sad emojis in the world right now. 

You guys, my local 11 o'clock news just told me how to avoid getting frostbite and hypothermia during this record-breaking cold spell.  (Apparently with our current temps you can get frostbite in about 10 minutes and hypothermia in 30 minutes.  The more you know, right?)   If that doesn't make you dream of sunshine and sneaking away to somewhere warm, I don't know what will.

So as I dream about warm places that aren't breaking hundred-year-old low temperature records, let's think about how I would ensure the perfect cup of coffee even on the run...I mean the road.  

What Should I Pack?

The Grinder

Really, there is nothing like fresh ground coffee.  So good!  But unless you want to bring your counter top burr grinder along, you typically SOL when traveling, right?  Not so with a great travel grinder!  Say hello to our little friend!

The Porlex Mini Grinder uses ceramic burrs to quickly produce evenly sized grinds - up to two cups worth of your intended grind size.  It has a sleek, stainless steel body, and a handle that you can remove for compact storage.  (Which is awesome because in this dream scenario we need to leave plenty of suitcase room for sunscreen and other beach gear.)

The AeroPress

We are obviously big fans of the AeroPress, so that has to come along.  It too has a sleek, simple design, and only requires coffee, hot water and a little time to brew your perfect cup.  Don't let its simplicity fool you - the AeroPress can brew everything from an espresso to an immersion brew (like a French Press) to pour over style (percolating water gently through the coffee).  Plus, the fact that it's practically self-cleaning doesn't hurt either.  No sinks full of coffee grounds.  Pull off your S Filter (more on that in a minute), and pop that coffee puck right into the garbage. 

The S Filter (aka your dream cup's secret weapon)

You knew this was going to be on the list, right?  How could it not be?  If you've somehow made it this far into our site without learning anything about the S Filter, here's the skinny:

The S Filter is a reusable 100% stainless steel filter, made out of super-fine mesh.  Its design traps the fine coffee particles, while allowing the flavorful coffee oils to come through.  Each S Filter has more than 50,000 holes per square inch so your coffee stays clean, delicious and grit-free cup after cup. 

And there's still room for sunscreen!

One of the best features of these three amigos - how efficiently they pack together.  You can literally slide the body of the Porlex inside the hollow piston of the AeroPress, and of course the S Filter fits snugly inside the AeroPress too.  The result is a tidy 6-inch column of coffee brewing awesomeness that we can pack away nearly anywhere but still provide a delicious cup of coffee.

Together, this trio is perfect for airports, hotels and B&Bs, and camping...pretty much wherever you want to go.  Although, depending in your campsite you may want to hold off on that last one until your evening news quits issuing frostbite warnings or at least your front door thaws out.  Just a thought.