Last Minute Coffee Gifts - Amazon Edition: Grinders

Feliz Navidad amigos!  Kaffeologie is into the spirit of giving, and we want to send out some ideas for those of you who are stumped with what to give that coffee (or any hot beverage) lover in your life.  We'll be featuring a variety of gift ideas to accommodate every recipient and their giver's budget.   (Have a suggestion?  We'd love to hear about it in the comments.)  And as always, one of the best gifts you can give your favorite coffee-lover is an upgrade to the coffee routine with the AeroPress and S Filter.  

The Gift:

A quality grinder

Perfect For:

Anyone who buys their beans whole

The Details:

We've mentioned before how important grind size is to the type of coffee you are making.  An espresso grind for cupping and vice versa would not work in the slightest.  A key component of anyone's coffee brewing process is the grind and therefore the grinder.  Also, buying your beans whole and grinding them yourself allows them to stay fresher longer, and that's awesome.

Grinders come in a variety of sizes and price ranges.  We've highlighted some of our favorites below that are suitable for your coffee lover's needs and lifestyle and your budget. (FYI, there are affiliate links in this post.)

The King of the Hill

Barataza Virtuoso

This conical burr grinder is the cream of the crop.  You can choose from 40 settings to have its professional-grade 40 mm conical burrs produce consistently sized grounds, from extra fine to coarse.  According to its description on Amazon:

The secret to the Virtuoso's consistent, smooth grind is two-fold: an efficient DC motor keeps your beans cool, even during extended grind times, while a combination of electric and gear speed reducers slow the burr to 450 RPM, ensuring a smooth bean feed and reducing noise, heat and static buildup.

Yeah, all that and it's really shiny too!

The Virtuoso is rated 3.9 stars on Amazon, with 200+ reviews.

The Up and Comer

Baratza Encore

Like its big brother, the Baratza Encore is a conical burr grinder with 40 individual size settings to give you consistent grind.  

With much of the same technology as the afore mentioned Virtuoso, this mid-range grinder is perfect for those are serious about being at-home grinders, but haven't had a chance to get started yet or are looking to upgrade to a burr grinder.

The Encore is rated 4.0 stars on Amazon with 390+ reviews. 

The Dark Horse

Capresso 560.1 Infinity Burr Grinder

Don't over look this dark horse just because it doesn't have as many settings as the above mentioned grinders.  The Capresso is perfect for those who want consistent grinds, but are on a budget or a quest to simplify.  

With 16 settings, its commercial-grade burrs produce consistent, static-free grinds ranging from extra fine espresso to coarse French Press variations.  

The Capresso is rated 4.1 stars on Amazon with 2,330+ reviews.