17 Reasons We're Thankful for Coffee

17. For a quick burst of fuel at 6 a.m.

16. Aroma therapy

15. What other drink gives you that mad scientist feeling?

14. It keeps your system "moving"

13. Cuz baby it's cold outside!

12.  Because it pairs so nicely with chocolate


11.  Because we need a reason to use our milk frother

10..  Because it's the perfect date drink. 

9. Because it gives us something to do during those awkward pauses in conversation

8.  It's so awesome they named a cake after it


7.  Because anything that makes goats dance is a-ok in our book

6.  Because it's versatile...hot...cold...delicious!


5.  Because coffee comes from a bean, so protein, right? 

4. Because you can sound like a language buff pronouncing all those exotic names.


3. Because it's healthy and stuff.

2. Because it brings people together. 

1. Because it's good!