Game Day Face Off: Buckeye Mocha v. The Wolverine's Bite

We have a friendly little rivalry going on right now at Kaffeologie because of the upcoming Big 10 match up between the Ohio State and Michigan football teams.  And like all good rivalries, we decided we should further duke it out over coffee concoctions.  (As one does.)

Team OSU:

The OSU is currently ranked #1 in the Big 10 (which actually has 14 teams,  In their last couple games they have started off slow but rocketed past their opposers to win each time. In honor of their name, their kind-of creepy mascot Brutus, and their state's awesome (un)official candy*, we present the Buckeye Mocha. 

*A note to those not initiated into Ohio culture.  The buckeye is not only the part of the official state nickname and the name of the afore mentioned football team.  It's also a candy ball made of peanut butter fudge dipped into chocolate roughly halfway to mimic the state tree's nut.  Every Ohio chocolatier worth his cacao makes one.  (Pro tip: Never eat the actual buckeye nut; stick to the candy version.)

Buckeye Mocha:


Ingredients: (Allergen alert, FYI)

  • 1 shot espresso (approximately 50 mL)*
  • 2 parts hot cocoa made with milk (approximately 100 mL)
  • ~1/2 Tablespoon of peanut butter whip**
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • Chocolate sauce (optional)
  • More peanut butter whip/syrup (optional)
  • Grown-ups only: splash of Baileys or Kaluha (optional)

The ingredients for victory.

*Espresso in the AeroPress: 15-17g fresh beans ground extra fine are placed in an upright AeroPress.  Add enough (~195ºF) water to reach the '1' mark and start pressing quickly after 30 seconds. 

**If you've never heard of peanut butter whip, it's awesome. You can make your own by mixing creamy peanut butter and honey together until you get a syrupy consistency.   Try not to eat it all before you make your Buckeye Mocha.


Mix your 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter whip into your espresso.  Stir it well so the peanut butter whip is all mixed in.  Add your hot chocolate, using a spoon to hold back any froth.  (If you're making the adult version, add your splash of Bailey's or Kahluha now.)  Next, top it off with said froth if you have any.    Because you might as well start celebrating your win now, top with whipped cream and draw a buckeye with your chocolate syrup and left-over peanut butter whip.  

Hang on, Sloopy!  This is going to be good!

Obviously a winner like a true Buckeye!

For extra fun, see how many Michigan fans at your party give into delicious betrayal and want you to make one for them.   Have some spoons at the ready to ensure you get every last bit of peanut buttery goodness. 

Go Buckeyes!



Team Michigan:

The University of Michigan's Wolverines are coming in to Saturday's game as the underdog.  At #11 of the Big 10 (or Big 14, whatever), the Wolverines need to win in order to secure a bowl game.   The team takes its name from Michigan's traditional-but-not-official state animal (per Wikipedia), the wolverine.  (Pro tip: Never approach a wolverine; they can be one of the nastiest buggers in the animal kingdom.  Approach a Wolverine just as carefully if you're from its southern neighbor.)

The Wolverine's Bite (Coffee with Bourbon):

Michigan is clearly the underdog this year (that's been happening WAY too much lately) so let's  double down on fierceness with this drink.  The Wolverine's Bite will leave a fiery trail down your throat.  Drinking this will remind you of Bo pounding it up the gut with the running game.

Ok, enough chit chat. Here's what you'll need: 


  • An AeroPress and S Filter
  • 2 containers: one each for brewing and decanting
  • A classy mug (we actually used a wine glass)


*We recommend a long brew method for this recipe because the slower/longer brewing process will give your coffee a sweeter taste and enhance the clarity of its flavor. 

These ingredients scream 'Bring it on!'

These ingredients scream 'Bring it on!'


Brew your coffee using the long brew method.  Put 28g of coffee and 476g of ~203ºF water in your brewing container.  After 4 minutes, break and clean the crust (floating grounds) with a spoon and let the coffee sit for another 4 minutes. 

Biding our time...

Biding our time...

After 8 minutes total have passed, pour your coffee through an S Filter and Aeropress into your decanting container giving it a chance to slightly cool before you poor it into your wine glass/drinking container of choice.  

(Side note: 8 is a lucky number in China, and we'll take all the luck we can get.) 

After you've given your coffee a moment to cool, pour it into your wine glass.  Add your desired amount of bourbon by pouring it over the back of a spoon.  (No idea if the spoon makes a taste difference, but it looks awesome when you do it.)  Pace yourself - there could be overtime and the long brew method will give you enough coffee to make a couple Wolverine's Bites.

Bite this, Buckeyes...

Bite this, Buckeyes...

Serve it warm, although you may enjoy it chilled as well.  You'll be the classiest fan at the party with this yummy coffee cocktail.  Impress all those gauche Buckeyes with your knowledge of its notes of chili pepper, chestnut, and a hint of floral acidity with a little coffee delicately in the background.  It really will bite though, so be prepared.  

Go Blue!

And the winner is...

So who do you think will win Saturday's game?  Tell us in the comments.   More importantly, tell us which drink should win the coffee challenge.

The winning drink is...