Cocoa mocha brownie! Tell me more!

My natural response to cold weather (and thus the Polar Vortex) is to bake.  Maybe it's that using the oven heats up the a good chunk of the remaining house.  Maybe it's some leftover trait from the caveman days needing to add a layer for winter.  Whatever the reason, it usually results in a lot of brownies.

I wanted to try this recipe for Cocoa Mocha brownies, but it called for instant coffee granules -something I don't keep on hand.  (Why should I when the AeroPress/S Filter combo travels so well?)  Googling "how to make your own instant coffee" results in some complicated how-tos and I only needed two teaspoons anyway.  Then I ran across a result suggesting that you can substitute finely ground coffee (an espresso grind) in place of instant coffee,  That I do have, so into the recipe it went.

The espresso grind is on the left.  It's about the same size as the cocoa powder on the right. 

The resulting brownies were moist and chocolatey with a noticeable yet not overpowering taste of coffee.  (Like a mocha you chew instead of drink.)  I took them to a meeting this morning and they were a hit!  I'm no longer going to shy away from recipes calling for instant coffee now that I know this hack!

Mmm...mocha brownies...