Dulce de latte!

We're all in for the polar vortex here.  And whenever we are housebound by the cold, we tend to bake.  We just made some awesome dulce de leche brownies.  

Specifically, these awesome dulce de leche brownies.

Dulce de leche (aka caramelized milk) can be made via a variety of recipes and methods, including via stovetop, oven or microwave.  Being of little patience, we chose the microwave method from Nestlé.  

We had a little bit of the dulce de leche leftover so of course we had to mix it with some coffee.  Because we were having brownies a latte sounded good.  (Two parts milk to one part espresso.)

The Ingredients 

You will need: 

An AeroPress and S Filter

A beverage container

1 shot espresso (approximately 50 mL)*

2 parts milk (approximately 100 mL), textured (aka kind of foamy)**

1/2 teaspoon or so of dulce de leche (I prefer only a hint of it in my coffee, but feel free to add more.)

Doesn't look like much right now, but wait until the last picture.

*Brew your espresso with 15g-17g of fresh beans ground extra fine and placed in an upright AeroPress.  Add just enough (approximately 200 F) water to reach the '1' mark.  Start pressing quickly after 30 seconds.

**Remember, you can either heat your milk in the stove top (and whisk it like the dickens) or use the shaken jar in a microwave method we described in the Maple Leaf Latte post.  

The Method

Combine your dulce de leche into your espresso.  Stir vigorously so the dulce de leche melts in.  Add your milk, using a spooned to hold back any foam or froth.  You might want to give it a quick stir again.  Top with foam and (if so inspired) more dulce de leche.  Enjoying with brownies recommended, but optional. 

It's so pretty you almost hate to drink it.  But not really.