The Puck, the whole puck and nothing but the puck...



I was so proud of this coffee puck I made over the weekend that I had to share it. It's the grounds from our Pour-Over recipe, so it's about 24g worth of coffee. It's real, and it's fabulous.

A "coffee puck" results when you press your AeroPress plunger firmly and completely down through the tube. Those brewing with paper filters just unlock the cap and pop the whole thing in the trash.

But let's say you've upgraded your coffee experience and now brew with the reusable S Filter (and if you haven't, you should totally check it out). You obviously don't want to throw that nice new filter in the trash with your coffee puck. Never fear – you too can make an awesome coffee puck and never accidentally throw your S Filter away again!

All you do is this: when you've finished pressing, turn your AeroPress upside down (à la the inverted method) and pull the plunger back slightly so you can see some space between the grounds and the end cap.  While still inverted, remove your end cap and S Filter. Voilà!  Press your perfectly executed coffee puck straight into your garbage or compost.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find one of my husband's hockey sticks...