Delicious Darkness – A Maleficent-inspired Mocha

Maleficent was also at every trick or treating opportunity lately.  (Told you we knew some big fans.)

Maleficent was also at every trick or treating opportunity lately.  (Told you we knew some big fans.)

On Tuesday, Disney released Maleficent - a live-action send-up of their premier evil fairy - on DVD.  While we have't seen it, we know some big fans of her first appearance in Disney's 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty (also released on DVD and Blu-Ray earlier this year). To celebrate the self-proclaimed mistress of all evil and her banner year, we thought a sinfully delicious coffee drink would be in order...  

The Diva of Darkness is the perfect inspiration for a mocha with epic amounts of dark chocolate (a mocha has the same 1:2 ratio as a latte, but you use hot chocolate instead of steamed milk).



  • 1 espresso shot (50-60 mL)*
  • Hot cocoa, extra dark (100-120 mL) **
  • 2 chocolate-dipped pirouette cookies or biscotti 
  • Whipped cream (optional) 
  • Chocolate sauce (optional) 

There is so much chocolate in this picture.

*Brew your espresso with 15g-17g of fresh beans ground extra fine and placed in an upright AeroPress. Add just enough (approximately 200 F) water to reach the '1' mark. Start pressing quickly after 30 seconds.

**To get that creamy coffee shop taste, make your hot chocolate with milk, not water. For this recipe we recommend a dark or double chocolate mix. You can also melt dark chocolate pieces into your milk (stir vigorously!) until you get the desired taste/shade of darkness.


  1. Start by adding your espresso shot to your cup.  
  2. Next, add your hot chocolate.  
  3. If you are in mood for whipped cream and/or chocolate sauce, here's your chance. Top with whipped cream and either squiggle chocolate sauce across the top or draw Maleficent's widow's peak.  
  4. Place the two chocolate-covered pirouette cookies or biscotti in the cup to serve as Maleficent's signature horns.  
  5. For an added touch of wicked fun, add some spooky eyes on the outside of your cup.

This decadent drink will be the hit of your movie night, and the recipe can be adjusted for kiddos (no espresso) or adults (add a dash of Bailey's Irish Cream or Kaluha).  Because being bad never tasted so good.

True, the only real thing scary about this drink is how delicious it is.