So fine you can't see the holes

Each opening in your S Filter is only 61 microns across — so small you can't really see individual openings with the naked eye.
Mesh this fine means coffee brewed with the S Filter will be virtually free of grit — unlike coffee brewed with other metal filters. Woven mesh yields much smaller openings than the etching technologies employed by other companies — and that means clean tasting, grit free coffee that's good to the last drop!
S Filter Fine Mesh 1.png
S Filter Simple Square Weave.png

Square weave for even filtration

When it comes to coffee, not all weaves are alike. Unlike the coarse woven filters used in a typical French press, we used a simple square weave pattern in your S Filter. 

A square weave is just what it sounds like — a simple over-under weaving pattern that leaves an extremely even pattern of openings (and hole sizes) across the entire filter surface. Other woven coffee filters (like the one in your French press) typically employ a Dutch weave pattern, which yields uneven hole shapes that tend to collect fine coffee grit.

That means that unlike other woven filters, your S Filter will let coffee through very evenly and clean up quickly and easily.

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Lets just the good stuff (oils) through

Much of the flavor in a rich cup of French press coffee comes from the naturally occurring oils extracted during the brewing process. But it hasn't been possible to separate those delicious oils from the coffee grit that comes with it. Until now.

At 61 microns, the S Filter's mesh is just the right size to let tiny oil droplets through — but fine enough to trap virtually all that coffee grit you associate with a French press brew. The result is a clean, rich tasting brew unlike anything else — a brew bursting with flavorful coffee oils yet clean enough to drink to virtually the last drop.

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S Filter Open Area 2.png
S Filter Gleams 1.png

Brews one cup — or two

We love the AeroPress, but if it has a flaw it's that you can only brew one cup (about 200 ml) of delicious coffee at a time. Not anymore. The S Filter's open, square weave improves coffee percolation rates so you can brew either one or two cups of delicious coffee at a time in your AeroPress.

We recommend brewing one cup of coffee (about 200 ml) using the inverted method for AeroPress. You can brew two cups (about 400 ml) using a pour over method developed by Bronwen (2004 US Barista Champion) 

And whether you brew one cup or two, your S Filter will yield clean, rich tasting coffee — coffee so good you'll just have to share it with a friend (and hey, now you can!).

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