Crafted from 316 stainless steel

Each S Filter is crafted entirely from 316 grade stainless steel — the same grade of steel used in medical applications like artificial heart valves.

Globally, stainless steel is the world's most recycled material. About 40% of steel worldwide is recycled every year.

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S Filter Craftsmanship 2.png
S Filter Craftsmanship 3.png

Assembled in the United States

The raw mesh for the S Filter is woven in China under strict quality standards imposed by our American manufacturer, a family company that's been in the steel business for generations.

Once the mesh arrives, steel workers here in the U.S. craft the S Filter itself, stamping out the steel rings, cutting the mesh to shape and carefully and securely welding the S Filter together by hand.

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Passivated with natural citric acid

Before shipment each S Filter is passivated with citric acid, which is a naturally occurring acid found in oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits. Passivation cleans the steel surface of your S Filter, removing impurities and improving corrosion resistance.

After passivation, your S Filter may still show a unique weld mark pattern — this steel coloration is not rust. It's a natural byproduct of the welding process and gives each S Filter a distinct and unique character.

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S Filter Craftsmanship 5.png
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Inspected by hand

Before packaging,  each S Filter is inspected by hand to ensure it's perfect and ready for coffee brewing in your AeroPress!

We package the S Filter in a stiff cardboard envelope to ensure it travels safely and securely. That said, we do still recommend washing your S Filter before your use it the first time. After all, it's traveled hundreds (or thousands) of miles from us to you through mailing machines, airplanes and trucks — it could probably use a shower at the end of its journey. :)

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