The S Filter takes AeroPress coffee to the next level.

With 50,000 holes per square inch - you'll get all of the rich flavor and none of the waste.  Ultra fine stainless steel makes cleanup easy, and it's guaranteed to last.

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Perfect for one cup, this method controls how long the coffee is immersed in water. Learn More

Perfect for two cups, this method turns the AeroPress into a great pour over tool. Learn More

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About Us


We’re a small business run by two crazy coffee geeks. Nate is based in Seattle WA, and John is based in Williamsburg, VA.  Nate loves to brew his coffee with the long brew method, while John is a fan of Japanese-style iced coffee.  We started making reusable coffee filters out of steel mesh because we didn't like how paper filters made our coffee taste.  We love the AeroPress in particular, because you can take it anywhere and still brew amazing coffee.


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We'd love to hear from you.  Especially if you're experiencing a problem with one of our products.  

The best way to get in touch with Kaffeologie is by email, so go ahead and drop us a note here. 

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