The S Filter takes the AeroPress to the next level.

Filter your AeroPress brew at 50,000 holes per square inch - you'll get all of the extraction and none of the paper waste. We use ultra fine stainless steel mesh, so cleanup is easy and it's guaranteed to never break.

Curious? Here's how it works.

Ready to take your brewing to the next level? 

Amazon fan? You can buy the S Filter on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany or Amazon Canada.


One cup or two?

The S Filter can brew any size from an AeroPress espresso shot to two full cups of coffee...

Watch US Barista Champion Bronwen Serna brew up two cups of delicious coffee just the way she likes.

Have your own favorite AeroPress recipe? The S Filter adds deliciousness to anything from AeroPress espresso shots to iced coffee

Got a question about brewing? Write a note to Kate, our customer service ninja. She'll set you up with the answers you need!



What's in the box?

We include fitting and brewing tips to get you started fast.

Also, we ship your order to you as quickly as possible, and we work with Amazon to fulfill orders in the US. If you live in Canada or the European Union we ship directly from Amazon warehouses in those places, so you don't need to worry about customs.

If you live somewhere else, we'll ship your order to you via DHL or the US Postal Service with a tracking number.


Want to know more?

Discover our Kickstarter story...

We launched the S Filter on Kickstarter in July 2012, asking for just $500 to help us take the S Filter from dream to reality. People got excited: more than 1500 backers gave us more than $30,000 to make the S Filter happen.

We shipped all our Kickstarter orders in October of 2012 and began selling on Amazon in time for Christmas that year.

Since then, we've launched a new version of the S Filter (May 2013) and earned more than 400 (mostly) happy customer reviews on Amazon

People ask us what's next, and the truth is we're still finding out, but we know it will involve more great coffee products and hopefully many more happy Kaffeologie fans!

Yes, you have to click twice to get this video to play...we know and we're working on fixing it... ;)


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